Bela Catarina arose from the challenge of presenting the most demanding consumers with a drink that is in no way inferior to the best distillates produced “around the world”. All stages of its production are artisanal, making it a rare and desirable product. Possessing the spirit of sugarcane means being in tune with environmental awareness, from planting the seedlings in our rich clayey soil to removing their long ripening in the barrels, fulfilling each stage of its exquisite production, man and nature must remain united for continuity of the existence of our rich distillate for future generations.


Few products symbolize Brazilianness more than our Cachaça, Bela Catarina is part of a rich history that began more than five centuries ago, produced in practically the same way as our valuable ancestors. Still cachaça requires care at each stage, above all it requires the noblest of feelings: love! Being in love with someone or an activity demands the best of us, without compromises or compromises.

Presenting a genuine Brazilian symbol to the world around us fills us with pride and accomplishment. You are our guest to be part of this beautiful story of love and passion…


It bears repeating, in the production of our Bela Catarina we take sustainability seriously and work continuously to reduce the impact on the environment. Unlike our ancestors, producers of genuine “caninha” in times gone by, today we can count on the technology and knowledge of dedicated researchers to implement best practices. One example is the use of 100% of sugarcane bagasse, resulting from grinding and transforming it into compost used as organic fertilizer for planting the crop itself. We continue to strive because we have a legacy to leave!