In a small town in the interior of Santa Catarina, next to the fertile lands of the Itajaí-açu River basin (large stone bird in Tupi-Guarani), our splendid sugar cane plants grow in lush green fields, each step of the process The production of our cachaça is meticulously monitored by experienced professionals, raised since childhood in the midst of sugarcane fields. When tasting Bela Catarina you will be imbibing a little of the rich experience of men and women who dedicate their lives to the production of a rare distillate made for a few. The name Bela Catarina is a simple tribute to these formidable people and this graceful land, known as Brazilian Switzerland.


Unlike industrial cachaças produced through distillation towers, where everything is used in favor of quantity, Cachaças from copper stills, during their production, undergo meticulous selection, with the first 10% of the volume (known as head) separated in order to purge the toxins, in the same way the 10% at the end of the distilled volume (known as the tail) is discarded so that the heavy alcohols can be removed, and what we call the heart is simply bottled or stored in barrels. It is a slow process in which patience and knowledge of many journeys make all the difference. You will never suffer a headache tasting your Bela Catarina (and we guarantee that!)


After the distillation process, our precious liquid, crystal clear like water (hence brandy), was taken inside first-use Yankee oak barrels (meaning that such barrels never received any other drink inside) to then fall asleep for long seasons, in order to acquire all the majesty that only perfect maturity brings us. Such majesty, at the end of the process, is reflected in delicate aromas characteristic of wood, added with notes of vanilla, coconut, a soft caramel and spices. Once removed from its long storage, our Bela Catarina appears exuberant to the eye, with a mesmerizing golden yellow, with intense reflections and the formation of thick tears along the walls of the glass. On the palate its softness and delicacy are fully perceptible, with a buttery texture giving it a long, persistent and, like every beautiful maiden, elegant finish.